How To: Flash your Taranis to the latest version of OpenTX

How To: Flash your Taranis to the latest version of OpenTX

2nd Jan 2016

How To: Flash your Taranis X9D PLUS from the standard FrSky firmware to the latest version of OpenTX.

Upgrading your Taranis from FrSKy’s standard firmware to the latest version of OpenTX is fairly easy. But why fix something that isn’t broke?

For a start, upgrading to the latest firmware unlocks even more of your radio’s capability. Introducing LUA scripts and opening up more Telemetry sensors to play with for a start. But the biggest advantage is that you can do away with changing settings on your radios cumbersome User Interface and dial in your settings using the Companion TX GUI on your PC.

Companion TX also makes it easy to adjust, backup and save your model settings. And makes firmware updates an absolute breeze.

So where do you start?

The first thing we need to do is visit this link to download the latest version of OpenTX Companion (or visit This is the GUI that we will be using to flash the Taranis and change settings via the PC. Select the file you need for your specific operating system.


Once downloaded open up the executable file to install. Then Launch OpenTX Companion.

Before we plug the radio into the computer via mini USB, we need to start it in bootloader mode. To do this hold both trim buttons located directly underneath your control gimbals to the center while switching the Radio to ON.


Now plug the radio into USB.

You should be connected to companion TX but before we do a firmware update, backup your old firmware settings to your computer. Depending on the version we may be able to restore your settings and models, and if anything goes wrong your settings can be reapplied to the older firmware.

To backup first select Read Models and Settings from Radio, Companion TX will now read the radios settings.


Then to do a backup by clicking on Backup Radio to File and selecting an easy to find folder to save your file to for later use.


Now time for the upgrade:

Select the write firmware to radio button to begin the process of a firmware upgrade.firmware-upgrade.jpg

And you should see this menu pop up


Make sure the settings you see here are similar, except for the version as yours may be a newer version by the time you read this. And then click Write to TX. You shouldsee a green progress bar appear and once flashing is complete click on close.

Your Taranis will now be flashed with the latest version of OpenTX. Yay!

Now we can reload our models and radio settings back onto the Taranis (if the firmware allows it)

Click on Write Backup to Radio, make sure check firmware compatibility is checked and then select Load to find the backup file you created earlier. Open the file then select Write to TX.



Your models and settings should now be all loaded to the radio. If you are unlucky and were unable to do so you may need to go through and set up your models and settings again manually.

If you were able to successfully restore your models and settings it won’t be obvious initially as they won’t automatically appear in OpenTX companion. To double check select Read Models and Settings from Radio.

You will then see your models appear in a box similar to mine in the following picture.


And that’s it, you have successfully flashed your Taranis to the latest version of OpenTX and restored your old models and settings.

Feel free to try changing settings for each model in Open TX by double clicking on your models. However I will leave playing with the settings for another tutorial.

If you have any trouble let me know in the comments section and I’ll see if I can help you get it working.