How To: Pimp your mini quad workshop

How To: Pimp your mini quad workshop

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 1st Jan 2016

It’s the first day of 2016, so why not organise your workstation for the year ahead by decluttering and creating an even more enjoyable, relaxing space to play in. But before you even think about starting, check out these 10 tips to help you pimp your work station.

  1. Set up good lighting. Poor lighting makes it hard to work on those delicate electronics. You need to be able to see with sharpness and clarity at all angles on the bench. In order to do this you may need a number of light sources at different positions around the bench. A couple of fluorescent lights directly overhead work well to eliminate darkness and shadow. As well as some LED strip lights under shelving or a moveable desk light.
  2. Make your benchtop a solid, light colour with no pattern or texture. This helps you spot those small screws and things easier when they are sitting on the bench.
  3. Use a Peg board to hang your tools on directly in front of your main work area. You should never have to move too far to grab what you need, unless its a big or seldom used tool.
  4. Improve your pegboard by hanging magnetic kitchen knife holders on it to easily hold all of your steel tools. Easy to put on & easy to take off. Easy. I got a couple from Briscoes for reasonably cheap
  5. Find a nice comfortable chair to work from. My old work space didn’t even have a chair as the benchtop was bar height. Eventually I got myself a nice padded barstool to sit on as standing for long periods becomes uncomfortable.
  6. Install some multi level shelving on the wall above the bench. It will increase your storage space and can also be used as an area to showcase some of your equipment.
  7. Contrary to tip 6, don’t install shelving above your main workspace. Leave at least a 900mm wide void. It will feel less claustrophobic and your main tools should be hanging on the wall directly in front of you anyway.
  8. Add some personality and life to your workspace by making a feature out of the wall behind your bench. This will help to clearly define the space as well as add some vibrance to an otherwise boring looking area.
  9. The nature of building racing quads requires an internet connection for those troubleshooting sessions. Place a computer or other electronic device nearby or at your work bench as you will be going backwards and forwards between the bench and computer/internet connection. You can get away with a smartphone for youtube videos.
  10. Organise all your reusable parts and connectors into small labelled desktop organiser bins. This will help you find the parts you need quickly and keep your workbench clean & tidy.


During our renovation we used these tips to create an area truly relaxing to work in (see last picture). A place where we could escape the chaos and which reflected our personality. How are you finding your work space at the moment? Let us know if you have some valuable tips to share by commenting.

Here’s to an exciting 2016……..