SPOTLIGHT ON: EMAX Red Bottom 2205 II race motors

SPOTLIGHT ON: EMAX Red Bottom 2205 II race motors

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 3rd Jan 2016

Emax hasn't been a name synonymous with quality and performance, as they entered the market with relatively good quad gear built for the entry & intermediate flyers who were conscientious about price. 

Until now that is.

Introducing the new EMAX Red Bottom 2205 2300kv & 2205 2600kv brushless motors. EMAX broke into the higher quality performance market with their cooling series motors that could compete directly with Cobra and other top end brands both performance wise and quality wise.

But now EMAX have improved on that series and released the Red Bottom motors which are getting great reviews from all their test pilots and generating loads of interest online.

Early tests of the EMAX 2205 2300kv motors have been circulating the web and quite frankly impressing the community with the generated thrust data. Many static thrust tests have concluded that the motors are generating very close to 1000g of thrust on 30A ESC's and 5" props in each corner. Adding a whole 800g in total to a quadcopter previously running 2204 2300kv T motors. 

That's significantly higher than the RCX 2205 2350kv at 765g.

There has also been mention of the build quality being impeccable with no vertical play in any of the bells and that they feel like a very solid motor. The other impressive feat is that they can spin the new Gemfan 5050 Tri blade props with ease without overheating.

So whats the catch then, surely there are some trade offs?

Naturally, with that amount of thrust the motors draw around 3 more amps over the Cobras 20A current draw. And the motors are around 5g heavier than a 2204 2300kv Cobra. However the weight is negligible with the extra thrust generated. (can you call that a con?)

First impressions on these motors is......well...impressive and will certainly be a game changer to the racing community. If these motors live up to the hype that's been generated, I think EMAX will be a big hit for 2016.

The EMAX red bottom motors are on their way to the store and we will be opening up pre-orders very soon. I'm personally quite excited to throw these bad boys on all of my quads.