Ace Company is the new IV Rotor

Ace Company is the new IV Rotor

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 26th Mar 2017

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you may have noticed some big changes. In fact a complete change. So what happened to IV Rotor and who is Ace Company? Well, let me explain.

IV Rotor was born in March/April 2015, stocking only a few products but was the first mini quad specific store offering products at fair retail value in New Zealand. That was a time when props only came in 3 colours and the most popular at the time was the Gemfan 5040 ABS prop. Boy have things changed. I even remember the excitement of sending our very first order out to Christchurch.

IV Rotor came about as the result of not being able to find parts locally after breaking and losing a whole bunch of things from my first mini quad build. Shipping things quickly from overseas was horrendous on the wallet, or you had to wait 3 weeks before you could fly again. Surely I wasn't the only one.

2 years on from meeting a whole bunch of talented pilots, learning LOADS about online retail, and getting on and off the hype train. We had decided it was time to ramp things up, and refocus our brand on what was really important to us. The drone racing community.

This is where the idea to re-brand came from. So why did we choose Ace Company as the brand moving forward?

Firstly, you said it wrong haha. IV Rotor was Four Rotor in Roman numerals, not Eye Vee Rotor and it was never intended to reference an IV drip. Although it was pretty cool that some people understood it that way.

To us, the words Ace Company encompass what it means to be a part of the drone racing & freestyle community. That sense of belonging to a close knit group of people sharing the same interests and willing to help each other out. Ground based ace pilots (hence the army helmet as opposed to an aviators setup, which also references the hat gag that appeared at some of the local rotorcross races).

We have loads of products coming very soon, and are excited to move forward with Ace Company.

A big thanks to Greig Roulston who has been a massive driving force for the brand, to our sponsored pilots for their support and advice and to our awesome customers for keeping the sport thriving.

It has been one hell of a journey so far.