Connex Pro Sight Review Part 2

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 5th Jul 2017

It's been a while since I had taken the connex prosight quad, actually any quad out flying and it wasn't until the Levin event that I had the chance to release the connex quad from it's winter hibernation. The Levin event was a wet one, but we soldiered on despite the precipitation. I'll take you through the second half of my review, with the new HP plus lens and smaller more flexible taoglass antennas.

To this day, my Hyperlite Evo HD quad has been the most reliable build I have ever had. The Spedix 30A 4in1 ESC's have held up extremely well and combined with the raceflight revolt have been proven to be a deadly combo. 

The Connex VTx and Camera have (aside from the original lens after hitting a steel pole) also been rock solid.The new HP+ lens is smaller and less exposed, and the aftermarket antennas (antennae? antenni?) are barely noticeable on the quad and made of flexible material. Unlike the stock antennas.

I have quite literally not had to replace or fix anything on this quad.

Getting back to the Connex system with the new HP+ lens and taoglass antennas.

Firstly I'm not sure I have noticed much of an improvement with the HP+ lens. It looks better than the HP mode but not quite as good the the HQ mode. The colours are very vibrant though and just look stunning.

Reception was reasonable too. I got to test the system in dense trees through the tree track at Levin. The Pro Sight was clear through most of the track. There is a caveat however. I had to position myself carefully on the track to make the most of the signal.

With the Pro Sight system, you can lose signal quite suddenly when it does happen. Because I have the receiver mounted on the underside of my radio, it was too easy to fly behind me and lose signal altogether. This might easily be fixed by mounting it properly on a tripod.

Another drawback to the connex system is that it has terrible light handling. When entering the tree track closer to the end of the day I was completely blinded by the sun because of its low angle in the sky. The sun wasn't even directly shining into the lens. After asking some fellow pilots if they were experiencing the same, most of them said it wasn't a problem.

This may have been specific to the HP plus lens but more testing is needed to confirm it.

The Levin event was the perfect opportunity to test the ProSights ability to play nicely with others. And it worked extremely well. I was doubtful about the system at the beginning of the day. The last thing I wanted to be responsible for, was shooting other people out of the sky. I very quickly gained confidence in the system and didn't hear a single complaint from anyone else.

It got to the stage where I was flying in every single practice round just to get some stick time in and shake off that rust. No messing with channels, or pegboards or anything.

So after spending a bit more time with the ProSight, my opinion on the system has been confirmed.

The Connex ProSight is amazing for flying with others, slightly above average for HD and average in terms of signal quality. Like any analogue system though, there are now receiver antenna upgrades that may improve signal somewhat. The reliability of the system is pretty solid. I would have gone through a couple cameras and a VTx on one of my regular quads by now. And install is quite easy.

So to sum up the review in bullet points:

  • Awesome to be able to fly without worrying about channels and frequencies
  • Video quality is better than analogue a small amount
  • Back to using a ground station
  • Below average handling of light
  • Requires a frame with enough room for the VTx
  • Upgrade the antennas with aftermarket ones straight away
  • More expensive than analogue
  • I found it more reliable than analogue
  • Installation is very straight forward
  • Has a built in OSD

I really enjoy using this system. One thing to be mindful of is that an HD cable hanging from your goggles seems to put a huge amount of stress on the HD port. By the end of the Levin event, my HD cable from the ProSight receiver would no longer work with my goggles due to the port on my goggles failing. :(