Helping hands are useless for Drone builds!

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 9th Sep 2017

Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference, and in my case this one simple household item has completely changed the way I do Drone builds.

I have been building racing drones and drones for industry for almost 3 years now, and one of the most valuable tools in my kit has been numerous sets of helping hands. Helping hands were great, you could manipulate them into shape, and hold all sorts of items for soldering etc.

Some of the drawbacks to helping hands can be the fact it can be hard to splice wire, they can have a memory and spring out of position at times. The alligator clips can slip off components mid solder and they take up a fair amount of room on the bench. Not to mention they cost a note or two to buy.

But the item I really want to talk about that has revolutionized my build process has been the humble Blu-Tack.

Yep, Blu-Tack. The stuff you use to stick posters on the wall amongst many other uses.

This stuff does a much better job at holding things into position. There's no memory, bumping it won't move the alligator clips, the clips won't damage things.

So if your in the market for helping hands. Do yourself a favour and just get some Blu-Tack.