Is your Race Quad illegal?

Is your Race Quad illegal?

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 27th May 2016

Throughout our time operating IV Rotor and helping fellow pilots get quads flying, a common question we get asked is "Why don't you stock many video transmitters?"

As much as we would love to supply 40ch transmitters or the newest flight controller with built in VTx or on/off switch, the grim reality is that many of the VTx's available are manufactured for the American market which are legal to use if you have a HAM license. But are completely illegal to use and supply in New Zealand and can bring with it fines of up to $50,000.

So why don't kiwis just apply for a HAM license?

Simply put, a HAM license may be Americas equivalent to our Amateur Radio Operators license. However the frequencies allocated to the licenses are quite different in respect to video transmitter use. 

One of those key differences is that a HAM license allows users to operate equipment on frequencies in the Super High Frequency spectrum. These frequencies lie between the 5650 and 5925Mhz frequency range. Which are where a standard Raceband VTx's frequencies sit. Allowing for a decent range of channels for racing with more pilots or with less interference.

New Zealand however, does not grant usage to Amateur Radio Operators within any SHF (Super High Frequency) range aside from what has been allocated to Short Range Devices. And as a result, we have a much narrower band of freq's we can legally use.

Our legal frequencies for Short Range Device operation (which are what VTx's are classified as) are only 5725Mhz to 5875Mhz. Ruling out many of the VTx's that are any more than 24 channels.

Frequency allocation however is only part of the reason our VTx stock is so limited.
The other hinderance is that the selection of quality VTx's that fall within legal frequencies is so limited that we only have a couple of good options that aren't too big for mini quads and are still relevant with respect to advancement in technology.

Those issues aside, we are committed to supplying kiwis with only legal radio equipment and are registered with Radio Spectrum Management as an approved supplier of radio gear.

Is your mini quad able to be legally operated within New Zealand?