Protecting your Lipos

Protecting your Lipos

Posted by Lee McKenzie on 2nd Sep 2016

Our lipo batteries go through hell and back to deliver the performance required to get our quads over the finish line or pull off that awesome power loop. So it can be heartbreaking to lose one to a prop strike or damage one in an accident. We care for our batteries when it comes to charging so why not better protect them out in the field.

Here's a quick tip for making them more durable, bear in mind it may make them a few grams heavier. If your shedding all the excess weight from your quad, then this may not be the tip for you. Just go buy another battery ;)

The key word here is Adhesive Polyolefin Heat Shrink.

This kind of heat shrink has a thick wall with an adhesive that activates when heat is applied to the shrink and is super easy to apply with a heat gun. Just like any other heat shrink.

The thick wall adds extra protection to the battery, and the adhesive ensure a nice fit.

In the following tutorial we used 39mm heat shrink which we found was only just big enough for the Hydra 1300 4S Lipos. Was a tight squeeze.

1. Remove the plastic wrap on your batteries, you can leave it on if you like but its no longer required.

2. Cut the heat shrink just slightly longer than the battery

3. Wrap the shrink over the battery with equal overhang on both ends of the battery. Apply the heat gun and evenly apply heat to the shrink to activate the adhesive and shrink it nice and tight over the battery. Be sure not to leave the heat in one spot for too long as it can damage the shrink or the battery.

Be sure to re-label your batteries so you know which is which.