Rotorcross NZ

Rotorcross NZ

Posted by IV Rotor on 16th Feb 2014

Rotorcross! 3, 2 ,1 GO

Are you ready to race your mini quad and test the limits of your quadcopter against other mini quad enthusiasts?

Building and flying your own 250 mini quad can be a very satisfying experience. But racing your creation can throw you into a thrilling, adrenalin packed, racing showdown.

Join other like minded quadcopter pilots as they race around a circuit in First Person View and immerse themselves into the cockpit of their mini quads, while keeping their feet planted safely on the ground. Likened to that of Pod racing, from the star wars films albeit scaled down into a portable, less dangerous configuration.

Rotorcross events provide a way for pilots to showcase their skill and multirotor builds as well as to network and share information related to multicopters. 

Come on down and talk the the guys and gals, learn some things, teach some things and get your competitive pants on.

For a list of events, dates and locations to get your gear out and show off, visit the official Rotorcross Facebook page at:

Rotorcross NZ