Brotherhobby Tornado T2 2206 2300kv Motor

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Improving on the already popular T1 2205 Tornado is the T2 2206 Tornado, available in 2300KV or 2600KV. The T2 combines the great technology from the T1 2206 and the 2205s (both prototypes). The improvements to this new motor are that it's lighter, faster and more efficient. They did this by making the center shaft  hollow and thicker (4mm). These improvements make it stronger and lighter. The spacing, or gap, between the magnets are smaller to create more contact area with the stator, increasing efficiency and performance.

Mini Quad Test Bench did an awesome review on the Tornado 2206 T2 2300kv Here.

These Motors (T1 2206) produced around 1400 Grams of Thrust on 5" Props at only 30Amp Draw!! The T2 will be better in every way.