Haste-RC x-Fighter 220 X frame

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The Haste-RC x-Fighter was born out of necessity from constant requests for an X frame built for racing, that performed similar if not better than the n-Rage. As race frames become lighter and lighter, durability starts to come into question. This was not the goal here. Our pilots demanded the x-Fighter be a rugged frame that allowed them to push their quad to it's limits with the confidence that they could continue fighting on throughout the day.

We designed the body to be small, to cut back on drag & weight and with smaller and smaller components being released everyday, quads these days just don't need the extra room and weight. Weighing in at a comfortable 80g inclusive of hardware, the x-Fighter is a light machine allowing sub 300g dry weight builds whilst maintaining it's crash proofness.

The unibody bottom plate consists of 4mm thick carbon with each layer of carbon rotated 45° to provide maximum stiffness and strength along the arms and to minimize twist in the body. The top plate and side plates are a standard 2mm thick carbon with a 30mm clearance between the top and bottom plates.

The x-Fighters motor spacing is something we decided to play with, our goal was to ensure the prop tips were no closer than 10mm to each other as well as to the frame with the idea being that we could maximize the airflow to the props with as little disruption as possible. Flight tests seem to support this change.

With the battery mounted on the bottom of the frame, the top plate is completely clear for an HD camera and can be removed easily from the frame with HD camera still attached for on the go maintenance. The counter weight of an HD camera does a great job of balancing the quad. You can run your HD cam all day without second guessing the frames performance. 

Integrated side plates allow for sturdy FPV camera mounting and help to contain and protect your electronics. We suggest using the Foxeer Arrow cams as the 4 point mounting system with metal thread makes for a very set and forget camera angle. However the standard HS1177 camera mounts are still included. The HS1177 camera board fits perfectly into the Foxeer Arrow cam spare plastic cases. So you can get the solid mounting system without upgrading the whole camera.

The frame comes with 2 options for camera mounting, full sidewall and camera mount only to allow a bit more breathing space to fit your gear inside.
In an industry where carbon fiber dominates, you can accent your quad by painting the carbon fiber side plates to suit your taste. the x-Fighter frames side plates come as standard carbon. You choose the colour.

This frame was designed with the advanced builder in mind. There is no room for header pins or added bulk. This frame has a minimum camera tilt of 35° with Foxeer Arrow Cams. Std HS1177 cams can tilt to 0° 


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    Best frame I've flown

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2016

    I'm completely sold on this frame after moving from an H frame. Even though both builds were similar in weight with the same electronics, The x-Fighter seems to have far more acceleration and speed. Due to smaller surface area maybe? By far the new favourite.