Heatshrink Tubing 150 piece pack

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Heatshrink Tubing 150 piece pack main image

Enough heatshrink to shrink everything in your home, okay not quite but theres plenty in this 150 piece pack to ensure you can do a complete build without making those quick dashes to the supplies store.

150 piece Heatshrink tubing pack includes:

20 pieces of 2x30mm Black
20 pieces of 2x30mm Red
10 pieces of 3.5x60mm Black
10 pieces of 3.5x 60mm Red
8 pieces of 5x60mm Black
8 pieces of 5x60mm Red
5 pieces of 6x60mm Black
5 pieces of 6x60mm Red
4 pieces of 8x100mm Black
4 pieces of 8x100mm Red
4 pieces of 10x100mm Black
4 pieces of 10x100mm Red
4 pieces of 13x100mm Black
4 pieces of 13x100mm Red