Hydra 1000mAh 18.5v 75C Lipo Battery (5S)

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Hydra 1000mAh 18.5v 75C Lipo Battery (5S) main image

The new 'Black Label' LiPOs feature an upgraded chemical & material makeup for lower internal resistance and less sag during flight. A necessary upgrade considering how hard we push our Lipos with todays prop and motor combos. Upgrades include thinner separator plates as well as cosmetic upgrades like a sleek black wrap and black XT60 connector. All while retaining a 5C quick charge rate.

The balance plug is wrapped in a JST-XH protector to help prevent needing to replace the connectors that are notorious for contacting props.

We've also done away with the G10 protection plates in order to shave some weight on these Lipos to help you achieve higher thrust to weight ratios with your builds and reduce inertia during hard crashes.

All Hydra batteries come with a limited manufacturers warranty. 
*Available to New Zealand customers only

Weight: 157g

Dimensions: L 76mm x H 34 x W 30mm