Hyperlite FLOSS 5" Racing Frame - 14XX Pattern

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Hyperlite FLOSS 5" Racing Frame main image

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This is a light weight professional drone racing frame intended for maximum RACING performance. The goal of this quadcopter frame was low drag, low weight, high durability, extremely high serviceability, reasonable component protection and low cost frame and parts. Several revisions have been done to improve durability and structural integrity.

Designed for max recommended AUW of ~475g 
Expected performance: Quick punch to ~100mph 
Arm type: 5" 14XX Pattern
WARNING: If using large motors 2207 or bigger, there is a much higher risk of fracture. Too much weight at the end of the arms is a high risk. Such a craft will be very powerful but also very advanced to fly. Warning to beginners and intermediates. DO NOT build the best of the best unless you know what you're doing. This is no joke, it is really powerful. Even the light weight 2205 setup is very very powerful.