Phantom 3 Standard w/ 1 Extra Battery & Backpack

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Phantom 3 Standard w/ 1 Extra Battery & Backpack main image

The Phantom 3 is a proven DJI workhorse drone, it may not be the newest Phantom released by DJI but it still holds it's own on price and features compared to it's rivals. The DJI phantom 3 drone still comes with a huge offering of flight features like GPS hold, return to home functions and a 25min flight time.
The features don't stop there however, the Phantom 3 has many advanced camera tracking features including point of interest mode, which aims the camera at a specific point no matter what orientation the drone is in. Follow me mode, where the Phantom drone will follow automatically at a pre determined distance. And waypoints, where the Phantom 3 drone will follow a specific route set up by you.

This package deal comes with an extra battery and & backpack and is shipped for free anywhere within NZ.

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In The Box:

x1 Aircraft

x1 Remote Controller

x4 Propeller Pairs

x1 Intelligent Flight Battery

x1 Battery Charger

x1 Power Cable