Phantom 4 Polar Pro 3 pack

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P4 Polar Pro main image

Compatible with Phantom 4 standard only.

Filters to improve the quality of aerial photography.


  • Cicular Polarizer Filter
  • 2-stop ND Filter
  • 3-stop ND Filter

Circular Polarizer Filter (CP): The circular polarizer filter helps enhance aerial videos by reducing the amount of light reflecting off the ground, sky, or water. Removing this reflecting light allows the Phantom 4 to capture beautifully saturated colors and improves contrast.

2-Stop Neutral Density: This 2-stop neutral density (ND) filter is the middle shade used for filming on mild days, i.e. partly cloudy or during the golden hours. This filter helps reduce highlights as well as reduces lens flare when shooting into the sun. This is the most commonly used of the two ND filters.

3-Stop Neutral Density: The 3-stop ND is the darkest shade and should be used on very bright days. This filter helps prevent lens flare, and reduces any mild rolling shutter. This filter also slows the shutter speed enough to blur the propellers when they are in frame.