Phil Sandford - PhilfyFPV


Name: Phil Sandford
Alias: PhilfyFPV
Age: 32

Current Quad Setup: HasteRC N-Rage, Kiss Flight Controller, Kiss 24a esc’s, Emax 2205 2600kv motors, Quad revo power OSD, RMRC Cricket 200mw vtx, Sony HS1177 FPV Camera , 50deg Astro camera mount, IVrotor battery straps x2 ImmersionRC Spironet , XSR S-Bus receiver, Gemfan 5040x3 , Hydra 1500mah 4s , Hydra 1300mah 4s , Gopro session , Taranis plus radio.

Phils n-Rage

List of other multirotors you own: 2X HasteRC N-Armed V3 , 3x HasteRC N-Rage , Haste RC N-Trepid, LOS Xframe
FPV equip + goggles. Fatshark Dominator V2 googles , VAS Mad mushroom, VAS Pepperbox, FR632 Diversity receiver.

Town/City: Christchurch 

Fav place to fly: Christchurch Red Zone

How long have you been flying FPV for? 10 Months

How did you get into flying FPV multirotors? Through a friend that had a old emax quad, As soon as i seen it i knew i had to get myself one. From there i pretty much watched every quad video there was on youtube at the time.

What's your most memorable moment flying FPV?

My most memorable moment would have to be attending my first rotor cross event in Geraldine , first time racing , Complete lack of knowledge along with first time racing nerves made it very fun and memorable for me. My second most memorable moment in FPV is yet to come.

How have you progressed with your flying to get to the level you are at now?

Flying alongside other pilots has really helped me to push myself to do better, Also flying as often as I can, Normally 10-20 packs 5-7 days a week when the weather is good.

What are some tips you would have for new guys wanting to get into FPV mini quads?

Ask questions , No matter how many times we get asked how high?, how fast?, how far? can they go we will always answer your questions , Everyone in the FPV community are really helpful and approachable and are generally happy to lend a hand or offer some advice. There is so much to learn and take in when getting into FPV mini quads it can be a bit over whelming , but eventually everything will start to make sense as you slowly gain experience . Join the social media groups, ask questions and follow threads , So much of this hobby for me has been learnt online. Join your local Facebook mini quad group to find out about up coming race events and fun flys . Come down and check out what its all about, have a view through a set of someones googles and see if its for you. We always welcome new pilots to the hobby and are happy to help out how ever we can.

Describe your very first racing experience and how did you find it compared to park flying?

Going to my first rotor cross event in Geraldine was great fun, It was great meeting new people and learning about the do’s and dont’s when racing. The idea of racing is very exhilarating and fun. I found myself leaving that event with a lot more knowledge about racing and was keen to keep flying as much as I could in preparation for the next event. Flying at my local spots here in Christchurch is much more relaxed , although Im a very competitive person and enjoy racing I also enjoy free style , trying new tricks and general flying just as much as ripping balls at a race event.

Where do you see FPV Multirotor Racing in the next 5 years?

To be honest i have no idea, in the past 10 months I’ve been flying the technology has progressed so much who knows where it will be in 5 years time. If I was to change two things it would be FPV camera quality and battery flight time, everything else id be happy with staying the same at this stage .

What aspect of FPV racing do you enjoy the most, Flying, Building or Tuning?

I enjoy all aspects of FPV racing, I do a lot of flying , building/repairing and tuning but Id say I would have to enjoy flying the most.

What improvements do you think you would make to your quad in the future?

I have no future improvements to make to my HasteRC N-Rage as it flys great, its light, it has all the components in it I need, the flying potential of this quad and setup will keep me pushing the limits for a long time to come.

Do you film your flights?

Yes , my quad is tuned for a go pro and I always fly with one on the quad . I like to post videos of new spots I fly or new products I’m trying to support my Sponsors and promote the Sport/Hobby in NZ .

How can people view your flight vids?

You can check out my videos on my Youtube channel : PhilfyFPV