Scott Taylor - RC FREAKO


Scott Taylor 

Alias: RC Freako

Age: 26


Current Quad Setup:

HasteRC n-­Rage,
Motolab Cyclone Flight Controller
UBAD 30A Angry Beast ESC’s
Emax 2205 2600kvmotors
Lumenier 200mw vtx
Sony HS1177 FPV Camera
45 deg Custom camera mount
ImmersionRC Spironet VTX Antennas
Spektrum satellite receiver
HQ 5040 Tri Blade Props
Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C Batteries
Gopro session
Spektrum radio.

List of other multirotors you own: 3x HasteRC N­Rage , 2x Haste RC N­Trepid, FPV equip + goggles. Fatshark Dominator V3 Googles, FR632 Diversity receiver, True Rc Double crosshair Antenna + Immersion Rc Spironet.

Town/City: Originally from Birmingham (UK), I now reside in Taupo New Zealand.

Fav place to fly: Anywhere new and exciting, I especially enjoy proximity flying cool scenic spots.

How long have you been flying FPV for? Since November 2015

How did you get into flying FPV multirotors?

I have been flying fixed wing since I was a whippersnapper and have been strapping cameras to them
since the first GoPro came out. When I came across multirotors with cameras built in I couldn’t resist
buying one.

What's your most memorable moment flying FPV?

My most memorable event was proximity flying a massive cliff face and at the bottom of the cliff was a

huge river, just one mess up and I might have said bye bye quad.

How have you progressed with your flying to get to the level you are at now?

Flying with people has helped heaps but I also like to set just a few gates up and session them all day

until I get the lines perfect.

What are some tips you would have for new guys wanting to get into FPV mini quads?

Social media, don't be afraid to ask questions, I still ask questions even now. Everyone in this sport is

friendly and willing to help. If you're interested in the sport go along to a local event and speak to people.

Im sure you’ll leave wanting to fly FPV.

Describe your very first racing experience and how did you find it compared to park flying?

My first racing experience was phenomenal. As a child I always wanted to be a fighter jet pilot but my
dreams were crushed when my optometrist told me I was colourblind and jet pilots have to have normal
colour vision. So when I can now put goggles on and fly within inches of the ground at ridiculous speeds it
feels just like what I could imagine flying a jet would be like.

Where do you see FPV Multirotor Racing in the next 5 years?

The sport is changing so fast at the moment that I have no idea where the sport will be in the next 5 years.
All I can do is keep training hard and make sure that I keep up to speed with the other top pilots. I’m
hoping that the sport becomes more mainstream and with the help of ESPN streaming races I’m sure the
sport will grow. I’d like to do some of the US National Rounds at some point but money is an issue.

What aspect of FPV racing do you enjoy the most, Flying, Building or Tuning?

I love the thrill I get from pushing as hard as I can when flying, especially if the racing is close. The
building is really fun too, I’m quite a clean build freak, if it doesn’t look neat I’ll rebuild it. I suck at tuning

What improvements do you think you would make to your quad in the future?

I’m constantly trying new products and tweaking things as I go, working together with Haste Rc is really
good, if I want to put an input into the design of a frame they will listen and work with me.

Do you film your flights? I tend not to film too many flights, I might do a few laps with a GoPro on just to
get some footage of the course but I don’t like the added weight of the GoPro and how it affects the flight of the quad.

How can people view your flight vids?

Click the link below to my Youtube channel

You can check out my videos on my Youtube channel : RcFreako ­