Silicone Groundstation Video Cable, 3.5mm

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Silicone Groundstation Video Cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm main image

Video cables for groundstation use are typically heavy, inflexible, and result in bundles of phono connectors where cables are joined.

This cable connects the LCD goggles directly to a groundstation, using the standard ImmersionRC/FatShark 4-pin 3.5mm jack. 
Since audio is rarely required for goggle hookups, this cable wires just Ground, and Video, allowing it to be extremely lightweight, and flexible. 

Right-angle connectors reduce the chances of connectors pulling out when strained. 

- 75? 

- 3 meters

- 3.5mm 4-Pole jack on each end

- Right angle connectors

- High quality silicone-based insulation