Spedix GS30A ESC Dshot1200

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Spedix GS30A main image

Spedix 32bit DShot1200 BLHeli Esc 30A 

Similar specs to the Wraith Esc but at a more satisfactory price point.
Spedix are already known for making high quality Escs at a price that doesnt offend the wallet and they have done it again and this time with the new hype Dshot 1200 supporting the new BlHeli 32 Bit protocol. 

Specs of the Spedix GS30A 32bit Dshot1200 Esc

Firmware: Blheli_32

Input: 2-4s Lipo

Current: 30A

Burst: 40A upto 10 seconds

Size: 23x14x5 mm

Weight: 6g (including Cables)

Spedix 32 bit DShot 1200 ESC 30a - Quadcopters.co.uk