TBS Colibri Race Flight Controller / Powercube Replacement FC

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The TBS Colibri is a great standalone F3 flight controller or replacement flight controller for your powercube stack. Simply unscrew the old one and slot straight on top of your stack. Fast & easy repairs which makes the powercube such a great option.
Features include an F303 processor for faster looptimes as well as all your common receiver communication protocols like SBUS, PPM, DSM(X) with 5v and 3.3v out receiver power. Comes in your standard 36x36mm size with 30.5 mounting holes.

Also includes those handy features like support for RGB LED lights and a buzzer port for lost model alarm and FC status tones.
Runs cleanflight as standard or can be flashed with betaflight for the newer performance and stability features by Boris B and his contributors.


  • STM32F303 based chipset for ultimate performance
  • PPM, SBUS, DSM, DSMX input (5V and 3.3V provided over internal BUS)
  • 6 PWM ESC output channels (autoconnect, internal BUS)
  • Choose between plug & play sockets or solder pads for R/C and buzzer
  • 36x36mm standard size (30.5mm standard raster)
  • RGB LED strip support incl. power management
  • Extension port for GPS / external compass / pressure sensor
  • UART port for peripherals (Blackbox, FrSky telemetry etc.)
  • 5V buzzer output
  • MPU6500 new generation accelerometer/gyro
  • Runs Betaflight, Cleanflight and Baseflight
  • 3x status LED (DCDC pwr/ 3.3V pwr/ status)
  • Weight: 4.4g


  • 1x TBS Powercube Flight Control
  • 4x Black top nut