TBS Unify Pro V2 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter (5v)

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TBS Unify Pro V2 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter (5v) main image

The smallest, lightest 40ch video transmitter on the market also happens to be the most powerful. Coincidence? Not at TBS!

With only 5g and a 17x25x4mm form factor, your quad will barely notice it's there. The 25mW - 800mW adjustable output power allows you to race with friends and penetrate serious concrete with just a few pushes of a button (or using the CORE PRO OSD menu). The 40CH coverage gives you the freedom to fly at any race without having to resort to video transmitter swapping practices (*).


A recent hardware revision on the CORE PRO enables direct communication between OSD and video transmitter. Take advantage of changing bands, channels, output power right through your remote control. Other cool stuff such as custom LED colors on your quad depending on the frequency you selected makes it easy to detect possible interference between two quads just by judging the LED color similarity. Together, the setup becomes better than the sum of its parts.


Even though learning binary was a fun mind-game, in practice a single-push-button or OSD-controlled video transmitter is just much easier to operate. Gone are the days of video transmitter cards, stepping on people's channels by mistake, or a mismatch between your goggle and video transmitter frequencies. 


  • Operating Voltage: 4.5 - 5.5V
  • Supply current: 600mA
  • Operating Temperature: watch for normal airflow
  • Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
  • Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Weight: 5g (with SMA, without antenna)
  • Antenna Connector: SMA Female Socket with screw mounting holes
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Output Power: 13dBm (25mW), 23dBm (200mW), 27dBm (500mW), 29dBm (800mW*)


* HAM license is required for operation on HAM channels, and HAM power levels! The VTx ships with only legal channels enabled.

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    Tiny VTX that runs very hot

    Posted by Dave Fulton on 2nd Jul 2016

    This is a very tiny VTX, that plug and plays with the TBS Core Pro box.

    Be warned, that this VTX runs very, very hot, so don't locate it or attach it to anything that could melt. The pigtail is flexible, but don't bend it too many times as it can come loose from the VTX board.

    Runs all the usual bands, including Raceband, so all bases are covered.

    Not the cheapest VTX around, but if you're using the TBS ecosystem, then this VTX plugs seamlessly into the Powercube or Core Pro.

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    Could be better

    Posted by Jase on 10th Jun 2016

    Really nice small, legal VTx. Only given 3 stars as it has an annoying 5v voltage input. Could be great if you could connect to 3S or 4S voltage.